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Nero CoverDesigner 2017.01.0.

Design covers and labels for disks and booklets
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Make personalized labels for booklets and CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray disks cases as well as for the discs themselves. Choose from the 17 sets of templates available and edit them according to your own vision; add effects, insert the desired background images, and print your creations.

Nero offers you a totally free yet comprehensive solution to labeling and adding custom or original covers to your CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc collection. Nero CoverDesigner comes with all the templates you need to start designing and printing your disc covers and labels, as well as with all the editing features you require to customize your designs in the most effective and intuitive way.

With a total of 17 templates for various disc labels, inlays, inserts, and booklets, Nero CoverDesigner covers all types of discs and their corresponding cases and inserts. You will find templates for CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, Biz Card discs, Mini-CDs, CD-singles, multiple disc cases, standard jewel cases, slim DVD boxes, etc. Each template is actually a set of templates complete with the corresponding disc label, booklet, front and back inlays, and whatever elements the selected type of disc requires. A “Full Template” option will let you work with all 17 designs simultaneously, which is a great option when designing a full line of formats for the same product.

The design process itself couldn’t be more intuitive. Its WYSIWYG approach will let you perform all your changes and edits using your mouse. Move all objects (including text boxes) around, flip your images, rotate them, resize them just by dragging one of its corners, add creative effects and background images to your covers, and so on and so forth. All controls are at hand – just click on the icons of the editing bars on the top side of the window to access the program’s full functionality. Whatever changes you apply to your designs will be displayed in real time in the template in question – no delays, no post-processing tasks, just make your designs and print them. Not many disc-labeling tools come as straightforward as Nero CoverDesigner.

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  • Design all covers, labels, and inserts in one single template
  • Individual templates per disc type
  • WYSIWYG approach
  • Create from scratch of import original covers


  • Limited choice of background images
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